Friday, September 23, 2011

She fritters her time away sewing.

I'm afraid I've already addled my brain with too much reading. And now I'm frittering my time away pursuing tasks of aesthetic and kinesthetic delight.

I have ordered a couple of Colette's latest patterns:

Peony is my choice. I plan on making it in a light-weight fabric and pairing it with trousers and jeans. I might wear it on its own, but I think it would look wonderful worn as a tunic.

Clover, Colette's first pants pattern, was too tempting to pass up. I'm not sure how the pants will fit or look on me, but I'm going to give them a whirl. Worst-case scenario is I'll have to widen the leg portion and make it less of a skinny cut. We'll see.

Fabric of choice for Peony: 3+ yards of smoke grey colored linen-rayon blend. I know it won't be the warmest, but I like the way linen drapes and moves.  I can always layer one of my (cashmere) turtlenecks under it for warmth.

Fabric of choice for Clover: more smoke grey linen! It doesn't contain stretch, so I'm not sure how it's work. Clover is designed for a fabric with a bit of lycra. It could be an interesting learning experience that results in another fabric purchase. Perhaps a wool blend with stretch?

Now, for a slight detour... how do you personally determine your own style? "Style" book of magazine clippings? Pinterest?  Lately I've been feeling torn between bohemian chic and more structured pieces. While this isn't necessarily a problem, it is impeding the decision making process. I definitely need to go shopping and get a few pieces. But now I wonder: what do I buy? (Maybe it's time to hire a stylist.)

Furthermore, now that it's fall, what will you be donning this fall for clothing and makeup? Share the details!

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