Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night

Here I sit on a Friday night, sick with a sinus infection and writing this little ditty of a post. I'm listening to big band music on my local public radio station. I have never known of any other radio station, not including radio internet (which doesn't count as real radio, though I still do use it occasionally), offering this. It's like those old days of vintage appeal I love so much, with all of those weekly radio programs.

So, Friday night at 8:30 I flip on the radio to listen to Don Gill play an hour of big band music. Don Gill himself is slightly enchanting and peculiar: an elderly man who was a sports radio announcer, he hosts "Big Band Spotlight" every Friday evening, replete with his unique, cheery voice.

My sister and I began this little ritual of sorts several years ago. One of us discovered the delightful program and soon we were spending almost every Friday night in our flat (okay, attic bedroom), knitting and talking while we listened. In the summer, my sister and I got in my car and toured the city, with Don accompanying us all the way.

Now, we don't spend Fridays with Don so much. Our lives have changed. Sometimes my sister is working. Other times we are both with friends or out of town. And of late, I listen alone, wishing I had someone to dance with.

Why am I writing this? I don't know. Perhaps because it brings back memories of a time not so long ago -- like, only three years ago; crazy how long ago that can seem.

Right now "Moonlight Serenade" is playing, and I am remembering all the good times spent with my sister, as we both wondered and dreamed about what God had planned for our futures.

We're still wondering, and Don's still playing.

So, what do you do on Friday nights? Or do you have another lovely little habit you do (nearly) every week?

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  1. Oh Keturah, I remember some Friday nights at your house back in the day! Such good times. You are blessed to have such a great sisterly relationship :)