Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Almost Summer Attire, OR Linen Trousers: Prologue

I was going to write a little essay that explained and defined what vintageous is. But after a couple of paragraphs I realized it was going to take better writing than my tired little brain could offer. So, it’s on the way.

But for now, how about a post with less of the philosophical and metaphysical…

See those wide-legged trousers on the left? They are my summer sewing project! They are soon to appear in the most wonderful mid-toned shade of grey linen, perfectly breezy and cool for summer heat. (Confession: I should have begun sewing these in the spring so I could sport them all summer long. As it is, by the time I finish sewing the mock-up and actual pants it will probably be closer to autumn, and linen in autumn is a bit too breezy and cool.)

I found this pattern a couple of years ago on It's by Vogue and my guess is that it was sold in the mid '70s, though I can't find a copyright date anywhere on the envelope. 

Given it's gorgeousness, I was very surprised when I found this pattern and snatched it up like a stray $100 bill. I'm especially smitten with the styling presented in the illustrations: the hats, blouses, shoes, handbags -- everything. I think the entire ensemble is pure, marvelous chic!

While I'm sewing the pants this time, I would like also make the the gauchos and skirt in the future. Other future sewing plans include a duct tape dress form, 1950s culottes/split-skirt (I'm using a vintage pattern by McCall's, but they look exactly like this pair, made using vintage Simplicity 9798) and a couple of blouses. Pictures and posts will accompany all these adventures.

Ciao, darlings --


  1. Such great elongated forms on those illustrations. Strangely enough they make me feel the itch to pick up a pencil and start sketching. Isn't it amazing how the mind can work so tangentially? I know you are going to look fabulous, m'dear. It's a match made in fashion heaven.

  2. You are sweetness, my dove! Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for visiting my blog!!! I was so happy and surprised to see your comment: it's like a signet of approval. Bliss to know I have that from you!

    I hope you do pick up the pencil and sketch some. I'd love to see what you come up with.

    P.S. I'm thinking of making a visit to Lincoln/Omaha in August. Wanna get together then?

  3. Keturah, I love your blog posts! They are so uniquely you, that I feel like you are in the room with me when I am reading :)
    I am going to invite myself to your and Amber's get together!!