Monday, January 17, 2011

Brownies to Sink Your Teeth Into

I've fallen victim to whitening my teeth. I realize all of the coffee and tea I consume, coupled with my hereditary disposition, have yellowed my teeth. So I got some of those expensive strips and have been using them as directed for two whole days now. My teeth are hurting a bit already and I am hoping that at the end of fourteen days I will not regret my decision to pursue another form of personal, aesthetic vanity. 

To make myself feel better I decided to bake brownies. (Does eating brownies while enduring bleaching treatments lessen the whitening results? Hmm...)

I have tried a few brownie recipes, at least enough recipes to label them according to texture: velvety, cakey, fudgy, old fashioned - the list goes on. Despite the fact I keep these recipes, I usually don't make a certain recipe again. Except for the following recipe I am about to share.

It is my favorite brownie. Dark and gooey with a thin, crackling, almost-meringue crust that quickly shatters and gives way to the depths of their silky and voluptuous souls, these brownies are enveloped in chocolate, butter, and all that is delicious. 

I can't take credit for having discovered this recipe on my own. This recipe came by way of Molly at Orangette. She discovered it in a volume compiled by my favorite chef ever, Julia Child, entitled Baking with Julia. The recipe is originally by Rick Katz. 

The only caveat is that these brownies truly are at their best when paired with a little dip of vanilla ice cream or cup of strong black coffee to cut their richness. Otherwise, enjoy. And wipe the crumbs off your face when you're finished.

You can find the recipe here:

Note: I have personally halved the recipe and baked it in my vintage 5-by-7 Pyrex baking dish. It works beautifully. If you don't have such a perfectly sized baking dish, you could still have the recipe and bake them in ramekins. Just adjust the baking time. 

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