Monday, March 21, 2011

"What ha-ve you been up to, darling?"

A couple of days after my last blog post, I moved to my new home in the mountains. To document this Midwestern girl's mountain adventure, I have started a separate blog: My Life in Estes

At the moment, it is sadly lacking in posts. Check back often as I attempt getting handy with a camera and post about my experiences and adventures in Estes Park.

Since moving, I am re-learning how to cook and bake. My only attempt at high altitude rice has been disasterous. A gummy, gluey mass filled with still crunchy grains of rice. My guests were kind enough to eat it. I am waiting to try a new method: baking it.  And if that fails, I'm going to get a pressure cooker. And according to the locals, the ONLY way beans will ever cook is in a pressure cooker. Otherwise, you'll be boiling rocks 'til the Rockies tumble. Use of the pressure cooker is also required for some kinds of meat. 

As for baking, I discovered a lovely volume at my library, Pie in the Sky. The author spent five years experimenting with high-altitude baking. And her recipes are not only fool-proof, they are a foodie's dream! Orange chiffon cake with tangerine mousse filling, cheesecake with a spicy mango topping, and tons of recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, breads, scones, and other baked goods. You should know that her recipes are also for use at sea level. 

My latest purchase: a 1920s reprint of the famous booklet "The One Hour Dress."  I tried making one last weekend but my fabric wasn't wide enough. I was inspired by the movie "Enchanted April" to try my hand at some 1920s fashions. I plan on using it to make a dress out of cotton lawn or silk to wear for my summer night dress. If that goes well, I want to make a blouse or two for summer use. 

I've been walking and hiking a lot. I am also nearly finished knitting a shawl for a friend. It's beautiful! Once it's finished and blocked, photos will be posted.

Another post of pictures soon to come will be my mustard linen skirt. It is finished after much labor and pain. I'm not certain how I feel about  the fit and look on me. Feedback from my dear readers will be much appreciated.

For my knitting, I have my eye on a chevron sweater from "Glamour Knits" by Erika Knight. The book was a lovely going-away gift from my friend Charis. Kamicha knitted said sweater; take a look Chevron Sweater

Finally, I have been working on getting photos together for my new blog design. Once those are completed, my blog design will be up and running! Thank you to Laura at Quietude Blog for her artistic talents! I am thrilled about my new blog design and can't wait to put it up!

The new blog design has renewed and inspired me to be more committed to my blog. Not so I can be some great writer (my first blogging goal) or show fantastic photos (my second goal), or anything like that. No. I want to keep this blog going in memory of great-grandmother Flora and all she instilled in my life, and as an outlet for all my passions. Which is pretty much why I first started this blog. Time to return to the very beginning...

Ciao, darlings!

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