Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Sewing

Summer sewing is kinda like summer lovin', because I love dresses and summer blouses. But really, I suppose, it's more about neo-sewing. I'm not much of a seamstress. My first blouse was mostly sewn, pinned, tailored, and in all regards, made by my lovely friend Laura. (She also fashioned it into the most luxurious sapphire blue charmeuse silk dress. If you have never worn a real silk charmeuse blouse or dress, you are missing the thrill of your life.) It was a bit ambitious for my first sewing project.

I've knitted, baked, moved to a new dwelling twice, and many other things. Amidst all of that, I haven't really sewn, which is sad considering I own a sewing machine.  I hope to change that for many reasons.

It's true that sewing can sometimes be more expensive when you compare it to a cheap Old Navy t-shirt. When you compare it to a Jason Wu Spring 2011 runway skirt or Luisa Beccaria ready-to-wear dress, the game changes.  

It's everything.I have observed many women who fall prey to the clothes or style wearing them, when it should always be the other way around. The lines, colors, detailing -- those are hallmarks of great taste and style. Sewing something yourself gives you more control of these factors. I have found many great dresses in the wrong color, and just as many dresses in the right color only to have it look like a shapeless sack when worn. There is only so much saving grace offered by belting the waistline.

I don't know if I am a designer. I don't feel I conceptualize things in my mind that way. But do I ever like to create things. I see some marvelous color, resplendent ruching, or a great nipped-in waist and I dream about recreating it in silk and jersey all day long. Sewing is just one more way to satisfy this deep urge.

Being present and connected is really lovely, and it's really what life is about. We live vicariously through television and movies. While this can spark and inspire us, I also believe this has potential to create apathy and boredom, and wastes time given to us for greater things.

Here's my list of "must sews." They are mostly suitable or adaptable for seamstress neophytes. Bingo. Some of these are lovely re-fashion tutorials that involve sewing some fabric to a t-shirt. I consider this nothing short of brilliant. I am not above instant gratification sewing.

The sunny resort blouse {The Sew Convert}
The super easy square top {Cotton & Curls}
Stand and deliver skirt {Cotton & Curls}
DIY turbans {Cotton & Curls}
The peplum top {Cotton & Curls}
Ruched sleeves {Cotton & Curls}
Scoop neck maxi dress {Cotton & Curls}
Grecian sundress {Tanit-Isis}

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