Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My soliloquy about toast and cheese.

The one thing that is constant in my life is toast.

Toast with jam and butter. Toast with bacon, peanut butter, and apple. Toast with cottage cheese and peanut butter and apple. Toast with apple butter. Toast with farm butter and my latest cheese discovery from Cheese Importers.

Toast makes me very happy. And let's not get started on how elated I am when I visit Cheese Importers for another cheese purchase. I actually let out squeals of delight, and hold myself back from doing a dance. In fact, I find it particularly sad that Beatrix Potter never wrote a story to accompany her illustration "A Dream of Toasted Cheese."

Cheese musing aside, imagine my delight: Luisa had made toast and topped it with creamy wilted spinach and some parmesan. So clever, so satisfying. Personally, I imagine it covered with shavings of Gruyere. But beyond that, I have no arguments. It's something green in the middle of winter. It's a vegetable. And it's on toast, with cheese on top.

So this will be dinner one night soon. Or perhaps I'll make the meatballs. And put them on toast. As long as it's with or on toast, it doesn't matter.

"I fried a diced onion in some olive oil (or was it butter?) until it was fragrant and translucent, then dumped in a whole bunch (3/4 pound?) of chopped fresh spinach and let it wilt down. I added salt and hot pepper and then cooked the spinach until it was silky and most of the liquid had boiled off. At that point, I added just a few spoonfuls of crème fraîche and let them melt and mix in with the spinach. You could hardly tell that there was anything creamy in the spinach, but it added some welcome body and richness. I toasted two slices of white bread (peasant would have been even nicer), then piled a fat amount of spinach on each piece of toast. A few microplanes of Parmesan cheese on top and that was that."
- Luisa, The Wednesday Chef

For full post, including the link for the meatballs recipe, visit Luisa here: 

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